Aircrack 1.0 LZM pro Backtrack

aircrack-ng Na naší anglické doméně .net, přesněji v části úložiště dat (subdoméně download, adresář wep-crack) máte dárek od Bruna. Jedná se o modul poslední beta verze aircrack-ng 1.0, upravený na lzm balíček, pro použití v live CD systémech slackware, backtrack, wifislax, dvl. Stahujete, testujte. Modul funguje pouze v live cd systému, pro plnou nekomprimovanou instalaci je potřeba klasické kompilace a instalovat ze zdrojového kódu :: BRUNO


Verze 1.0-beta1 (změny oproti aircrack-ng 0.9.2) – Vydáno 1.10 2007
airodump-ng: Added –berlin option (see code for more information).
airodump-ng: Fixed 100% cpu utilization while channelhopping on rtap interface
airodump-ng: Fixed frame length < 10bytes bug
airodump-ng: Added out-of-monitor-mode, channel hop and interface down detection
airodump-ng: Fixed debian bug #417388: airodump-ng doesn’t restore terminal after error
airodump-ng: Fixed opening the same interface more than once
airodump-ng: Fixed PWR values for some drivers
airodump-ng: Fixed airodump sanity check (resulted in showing WPA networks without CIPHER & AUTH)
airodump-ng: Added „-f“ to set the time in ms between hopping channels
airodump-ng: Added partial 40bit WEP detection
airodump-ng: Added „–showack“ to print statistics about ack/cts and rts frames
airodump-ng: Added „-h“ to hide the known stations in ack statistics
airodump-ng: Added „-r“ to read packets from a pcap filet

aircrack-ng: Added BSSID merge option
aircrack-ng: Added passive ptw attack (using also IP packets for cracking)
aircrack-ng: Made ptw attack default, for korek attack use -K
aircrack-ng: Fixed huge memory usage with ptw attack on hundreds of APs
aircrack-ng: Added -M paramteter for specifying maximum number of IVs to be read
aircrack-ng: Changed ptw testpackets from first to random (fixes invalidation of found keys)
aircrack-ng: Added –wep-decloak mode
aircrack-ng: Added –ptw-debug to allow klein or ptw disabling
aircrack-ng: PTW: Starts a new process group
aircrack-ng: Increased PTW key checking speed by 20%
aircrack-ng: Try 1000 40bit keys befor starting 104bit cracking, to get the key „instantly“ without waiting for 104 bit to fail
aircrack-ng: Fixed not shown ascii keys, when found key was shorter than expected
aircrack-ng: Added visual inspection of the different keybytes (–visual-inspection).

airdecap-ng: Fixed bug in calc_pmk() function causes wrong PMK to be computed
aireplay-ng: Added usage of RTS/CTS, auth and ACK to –test (more stable and faster)
aireplay-ng: Added TCP connection test to –test
aireplay-ng: Changed injection rate to be more stable
aireplay-ng: Made essid argument optional – sniffs the essid if its broadcasted
aireplay-ng: Made src mac argument (-h) optional – uses default interface mac
aireplay-ng: Added bitrate test to –test (-B)
aireplay-ng: Fixed 100% cpu utilization in –test
aireplay-ng: Added –fast switch to use first available packet without interaction
aireplay-ng: chopchop now tries header recreation workaround if icv check failed
aireplay-ng: Fixed seq field for fragment attack
aireplay-ng: Now works with rtc_cmos
aireplay-ng: Added automatic channel changing in –test to AP channel
aireplay-ng: Added channel synchonisation for –test between cards
aireplay-ng: Added possibility to limit injection test to one AP „-a“ or „-e“
aireplay-ng: Added BSSID/ESSID detection, so it can be enough to specify one option

makeivs-ng: Added parameters to set length, number and first IV of generated IVs
makeivs-ng: Added possibility to generate IVs sequentially or randomly
makeivs-ng: Added parameters to set percentage of false and dupe frames
makeivs-ng: Added 256bit wep support

packetforge-ng: Added support for generating more than on packet

diskuze backtrack

Patche: updated rtl8187 patch for 2.6.22
Patche: updated zd1211rw patch for 2.6.22
Noví IVS format for storing all relevant data
Auto-creation of rtap interface if it doesn’t exist (ipw2200)
Better acx, rtl8180, orinoco and madwifi-ng detection
Using OpenSSL instead of build-in crypto

Přidáno library rx/tx support
Added airpcap rx/tx support
Added airdriver-ng script for installing and managing patched drivers
Added wesside-ng as an all in one tool for recovering the wep-key
Added easside-ng for realtime decryption (instant rx/tx) of wep frames
Added buddy-ng as loopback server for easside-ng
Added airserv-ng – server for rx/tx on another system
Added airolib-ng for using hash tables to crack wpa/wpa2 psk (supports cowpatty rainbow tables)

Fixed compilation of optimized binaries with icc
Fixed compilation on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and MacOSX

Better WDS handling and display
Added detection and removal of trailing fcs checksum
Fixed several memory leaks
Fixed being root when connecting to airserv-ng
Added OpenBSD sniffing support

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